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Why should I have a hearing test?

Hearing can decline as a natural process due to age, but we can also have a hearing loss due to exposure to loud noise, genetics, trauma, and illness. 

Also according to Action on Hearing Loss more than 40% of people over the age of 50 have a hearing loss. Then rising to 70% of people over the age of 70.

It is important to get your hearing tested regularly.


You might not realise what you are missing out on and sometimes its friends/family that notice it first.

Here a some common symptoms of having a hearing loss;

  • Increasing TV volume and having subtitles on

  • Asking people to repeat themselves 

  • Struggling in back ground noise

We can do a hearing test in Sunderland and the surrounding areas.

What should I expect from my  private hearing assessment?

Your hearing assessment will last around 2 hours and it might be helpful to have someone else present during the appointment.

Firstly, I will take a full detailed medical history about your ears.


Then I will carry out an examination of your ears and if there is wax present, I will remove the wax for you.


After this I will then perform a hearing test to check your hearing. This is the process of you listening to a variety of low, mid and high pitched sounds and pressing a button when you hear them.  

I will also perform a speech in noise test. This will be done by you repeating a sentence with background noise present.





£100 for Hearing Assessment & Wax Removal

This includes a full medical history of your ears, hearing test and speech in background noise test. This is as a home visit in Sunderland and surrounding areas.

You will receive a copy of your hearing test results.

If you decide to go for hearing aids the hearing test and wax removal is free.

If you are struggling with your hearing book an appointment now and get it tested.

Contact Dan on 07414 765968 for a hearing assessment mobile clinic appointment in Sunderland including Roker, Silksworth, Tunstall and more!

We are open:

Monday - Tuesday 9am till 6pm

Wednesday to Friday 6:30pm till 8:30pm

Saturday 9am till 6pm


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